Marcia Noyes

Cassandra's Angel: From Page to Stage

Kids' Pages Family Magazine | March 2004

Scan 26

Seated at a table in Denver's Washington Park Grille, I await the arrival of the young women pictured on the cover of this month's Kids' Pages: Gina Otto, author of Cassandra's Angel and 15-year-old singing sensation Amanda Hawkins. Curious to learn more about this simple book with a powerful message for children, I scan my notes. When I look up, two young women--easily mistaken for sisters--approach the table.

Gina Otto, the older and taller of the two, walks with confidence--surely the result of believing in, and honoring one's special gifts. It may seem incongruent that someone beautiful, confident and successful, would feel led to write a children's book with a message about self-esteem. However, research has shown that self-esteem issues are universal.